Silence and Soundtracks

Preview of the Week: 02/14/2011

You may have noticed I’ve been trending towards post-rock music recently. For my next album, I’m hoping the sound is a lot more consistent, so I’ve been experimenting with using the same instruments to create different songs. So again, I bring you guitars, drums, piano and orchestral strings. How many people would be interested in a full-length album with stuff like this?

  1. Kyle K: I really like the texture you've got here. Reminds me a little bit of VaST but the theme and round structure is distinctly yours. It's a nice progression and feels well-paced. Only exception would be the opening four bars, which feel too spare/protracted. Found myself waiting for more complexity at that point. I'm also not ...entirely... convinced of the ending, but not sure why. I'd go for an album like this. :)
  2. Soren Laulainen: Thanks for the great feedback, Kyle! When I go back to finish this song, I might make it a little longer, and it definitely should have a more appropriate ending.